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Ratty Golightly on clinging onto summer whilst sprinkling the cinnamon.

The ramblings, happenings and meanderings of Ratty Golightly.

Hello Friend

Thank you for joining me as I write to you again. The summer has almost flown but there’s still a little time left before the evenings draw in completely. I’ve suggested some products that will help keep the summer feeling going strong into the next season.

I promised to report back on the summer plan for juggling sort of worked. There were high days and holidays. The weather was incredible. There was also lots of working late, sketching on park benches with one eye on the feral smalls and even a zoom meeting from the middle of a play park. It worked and I think the smalls had an amazing time and were none the wiser of the partially absent caregiver. Question it ever possible to put work aside when your work is effectively your (other) baby? Answers by email reply please! Email or DM on Instagram.

This is not a moan though. Each and every day the Rat sends huge amounts of gratitude out in the universe for being in this position and having such a wonderful community around. And so back to that, you that is, and the latest little letter from me.

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Read on to discover 5 great things for keeping the summer spirit soaring long into the darker months, including a couple of favourite prints for the home.


The Rat’s 5 great things for keeping the summer joy…

1) The Ratty Golightly Lobster range.

My Lobster print is perfect for this time of year. Available in three very practical sizes of jug and a beautiful fine bone china beaker.

The linoblock was originally carved as a ‘love lobster’ for Valentine’s so it really is an all year round print for those that love the great British coast.

Fill with flowers, water or plonk on a shelf to raise a smile on even the greyest of days.

The china is all hand decorated in Stoke-On-Trent, so every purchase supports not one, but two British businesses.

2) Buy your own beach hut

The Beach Hut print is just perfect for those that long for the salty air. Fans of a dip in the sea will know the magic the beach hut brings - a place to make a warming cuppa or pour a glass of something and catch up with friends.

The inspiration for this hut came from Wells-Next-The-Sea - I was drawn in by the anchor design on the roof apex. Put this print on your wall and imagine the sound of the seagulls each time you pass it.

3) Cook a simple supper

Bolting to the coast must, in my humble opinion, be simple. That includes the food. I discovered this recipe year’s ago in Nigella Express and now carry it with me on all camping trips. It's a simple yet satisfying one pot dish that takes around 20 mins. I find it helps to ask your butcher to chop the meat for you (so it’s ready to drop from the wrapper into the pan) and look out for fresh herbs on your walks - I was able to snaffle sprigs of rosemary and a few bay leaves from our walk this time. Garlic oil is a great addition to the camping kit as it saves chopping and also provides a delicious dunk for your bread.

Click here for the recipe

4) Keep doodling

Always create. We always take a box of art stuff when space allows. Sketchbooks are a must for the summer season and beyond - I use mine for packing lists, sketches (obvs), as a small scrapbook of tickets and receipts and sometimes for hangman and such.

This year the box also included washi tape, pastels, pencil crayons, pencils, scissors and paints. We passed hours sketching and painting. Remember that no one has to see it so you can be as creatively wild as you wish.

Let's keep that creative buzz alive!

5) Keep the water levels up

Don’t forget your water bottle. This year we used these really handy small size bottles from Chillys. As they don’t hold as much they are not as heavy and also fit into smaller bags.

I bought mine from the Kitchen Range Cookshop which is owned by my dear friend Magpie. Pop in if you’re passing Market Harborough and say that Ratty sent you!


The results of this week's social survey:

“Is it too early for cinnamon sprinkles?”

The Ratty Golightly insta community is generally ready for the incoming seasonal spice - hurrah!

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Thank you for reading, see you next time.

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