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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Here we are. Finally meeting through the medium of Blog. For year's this little platform of communication has been top of the Rat to-do list but has been pushed further and

further down. Slightly out of necessary but, if I'm honest, mainly out of fear that no one will read.

Well, as I regularly tell others, you'll never know if you don't try. Autumn seems the perfect time to commence this next stage of the Ratty Golightly journey. It's a season of such promise and calm as nature starts to shed unnecessary layers in order to conserve precious reserves to get through the winter.

Our homes too, I feel, go through this process. The summer months see the doors and windows flung open and in through them come all manner of trinkets and treasures that are thoughtfully placed on every available surface. Sometimes things are placed to be dealt with 'when things calm' or 'when schools return' and there is a perception of more time. Autumn is the perfect time to gently clear the surfaces and bring out the things you really want to look at over the coming months. Its a great time to have a mini refresh; to frame the pile of prints and photos that have amassed over the summer, to clear out things that are no longer needed or fit for purpose; and to buy a few well-considered items that truly add to your home aesthetic.

The NEW Cottage Garden print range is perfect for bringing a little joy into your home.

I’m thrilled to present the brand new print range: Cottage Garden. The range has been planned for sometime but the challenge of lockdown and homeschooling meant the illustration and hand carving of the print-blocks was put on hold temporarily. It’s been such a lovely project to pick back up: the finished items are a wonderful start to a range that I hope will grow organically (excuse the pun). The prints feature some of our best-loved flowers and most useful tools and are available in sets of two A5 pieces or as a set of four A6. They have been artfully reproduced on textured FSC approved heavy papers, perfect for framing or simply propping up on a mantle or shelf. The set of four come with envelopes to give you the choice of sharing them and bound in gardeners hemp twine. The special label is a collaboration with A La Kart Creations and is impregnated with wild flower seed ready for planting.

Gifts for the table

Another project that has finally come into fruition is my new range of Fine Bone China Jugs. I love jugs and am always adding to my collection, especially in charity shop raids and vintage markets. I’ve become a bit of an expert in spotting the most useful of jug shapes and sizes and so couldn’t resist the chance to launch a collection of my own. The collection opens with four designs: the Love Lobster, the Pheasant, the Hare and the Queen Bee. I’ve chosen four useful sizes (described in imperial measurements): a beautiful 2pt pitcher for flowers, water or taller displays; a 1pt that is perfect for flowers, table sauces or foraged finds; and the small but perfectly formed 1/2 pt which is just the ticket for milk or cream, pens, or a gathered posy.

Foraged Crumbles

Blackberry season is upon us and I think I've found the best Crumble recipe to use up the bounty of the hedgerows.

The topping is a break from the traditional flour-based method and adds delicious crunch with hazelnuts and oats.

It's from the clever kitchen of Waitrose Food and features a most-pleasing combination of pear, apple and blackberry.

And on that note, I must dash and down tools for the day. It's time to flee the studio and enter the cosy of home.

See you again soon

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